My Top Tips to Save £££

Hey there , sorry I have been gone and inactive the past month but I have been overwhelmed with tests but I don’t want to abandon my blog ! I'll try start it up again and hope that you guys still want to read my posts ! I decided to write about how to save... Continue Reading →


How To Ace The Night Before An Exam

Hey there , I’ve been doing a series of revision posts on here at the moment and wanted to share this one which i thought isn’t covered enough. The night before and exam is so crucial . Here area few of my tips. Use premade revision aid. This should just be finalising your knolwedge , for... Continue Reading →

My 5 Steps to Succesful Revision 

Hey there , today I wanted to share some vital revision tips as many students edge into exam season . Whether it’s mocks , or the real thing (for any exam) I find there are five stages to effective revision. Especially with GCSEs , A Levels , IB or any other qualification you get at... Continue Reading →

DIY Birthday Gift Idea

Hey there , it was my best friend’s birthday this week so I was stuck on what to get her at first . I didn’t wanted to give her just another LUSH bath bomb or shower gel. I wanted to give her a special gift , so I decided to make her a frame full... Continue Reading →

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